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Otukan by Bubblelawn (Digital)

Album Description

Otukan. Lush and Green. A Garden of Eden. A splendid display of natural beauty and complex eco-system. The lungs of Utopius. Behind it all, nanites, artificial and programmed to keep the system alive. A profound expression of human ingenuity and hubris. Created to replace that which was destroyed by humanity's ignorance and hatred. For the people of Otukan it is a peaceful and communal existence sheltered from the harsh reality of rest of Utopius.

Otukan by Bubblelawn is Release #5 of the Utopius Omnibus, music based on the novella Utopius by D.E.

Once upon a PILAS and Sud Swap Audio, released originally 2017. People in Life are Sleeping.... * contains bonus track:... [Read more]

Released on Botanica1's Bandcamp. Info: releases September 18, 2020

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design - La Mano Fria

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