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Rainbow Bridge by Fire-Toolz (Vinyl)

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Rainbow Bridge by Fire-Toolz

Album Description

HAUSMO99 - LP / CD / CS / Shirt / DIG

Breakfast Blue Vinyl

Limited to 150 on Breakfast Blue vinyl. Packaged with a 2-sided full-color insert with lyrics and credits. Artwork by Jeremy Coubrough and Fire-Toolz. Manufactured at Gotta Groove. FIRST 50x BREAKFAST BLUE orders packaged with a Fire-Toolz sticker.

Includes digital pre-order of Rainbow Bridge. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

Released on Fire-Toolz's Bandcamp. Info: releases May 8, 2020

Vocals tracked @ Randall with Doug's mic. Tape loop in Dreamy #ex Code tracked @ Elastic Arts. Everything else happened in a bedroom in West Humboldt Park, Chicago, USA, from 11/2018 to 07/2019.

Composition, lyrics, recording, vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, fretless bass, keyboards, circuit-bent junk, tapes, virtual studio technologies, production, mixing, art direction, photoshopping, & layout by Angel Marcloid / Fire-Toolz.

Saxophone source on Dreamy #ex Code by Curt Oren / Guitar on (((Ever-Widening Rings))) by Euglossine / Sporadic meows throughout by the late great Breakfast / Mastering by Patrick Klem / 3D modeling by Jeremy Coubrough.

Thanks to Doug, Max, Manda, Keith, Seth, Ben, Cafe Mustache, The Hideout, The Empty Bottle, Elastic Arts, MGF Audio, RedEye, Rick, Irene, Meg, Mom, Dad, Süki, Porcelina, Basket, & every person who has or ever will support Fire-Toolz. Special thanks to Breakfast.

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