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キメラ(remastered) – chimera (Digital)

Album Description

None sit in the rows yet I search for my seat.
All tickets are free, so I owe that respect.
I take it nowhere's left but forwards, as they say.

The empty stop leaves while we move.
"Thank goodness we're going... I've waited forever."
Forests and hills, small black rivers...
All run by my window. Looking for names, wanting faces.

Wherever we're headed, I hope they have payphones.
There's a few things I just didn't tell in time.
I'm worried I'll forget, I tend to do this.
I'd write it down but I can't find my pen.
It's too hard to see with only streetlights.

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Released on Frequency Sub-Zero's Bandcamp. Info: released January 30, 2022

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