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夢 – ホテル shampoo (Digital)

Album Description

In its first digital release LIMINAL GARDEN is excited to present the album 夢 (Dream) by ホテル shampoo. Straight away the album opener “rainforest.wav” sets the mood for what's to follow: Amongst the thicket of haunting field recordings the listener is able to uncover a stirring synth melody that is truly inspiring. So much so, that we at LIMINAL GARDEN were inspired to create an accompanying music video for the track.

This emotive journey continues in a string of compositions that make up the middle of 夢, each one taking a different path through the seemingly infinite vistas of sound ホテル shampoo has charted for the listener. “starlight☆ocean” ends the album in a way that will p... [Read more]

Released on Liminal Garden's Bandcamp. Info: released May 7, 2021

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