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STRKY​​.​​FM // STRKYVSN​-​02 by (Digital)

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Released on DMT Tapes FL's Bandcamp. Info: released October 15, 2020

originally released September 11th, 2020

made using a Sonart BXII 88 Key Digital Piano w/ FL Studio 12
all original composition

This is one of the most popular parking spots in the entire park, easily gotten to as one of the shell-road driven features of the field clearing you would drive thru while entering the park. After driving through a thicket of trees and passing the ranger kiosk, follow the signs designating 'horse corral' or 'trailhead'. You will eventually come back out into open sunlight, onto an area that has more significance to me than any other sun-drenched satellite-spied public place.

Many journeys begin here at the corral, sometimes when parking your car against the central log or perhaps while venturing over to this area while camping or staying in-park for an extended hike. The hypothetical FM station being proposed here in 101.7 ✪⚷FM is of that which I like to believe could only be heard within the park. Having had a supernatural experience with a now-deceased friend in this area in 2008, some of this is meant to rekindle the genesis of this area's extreme significance to me.

Strongest influences in style to this release include the multi-faceted genre-display of Ventla, the folktronic innovation of Bibio, and of course the Drift-like nature of late 2000s / early 2010s James Ferraro, especially works such as iAsia and Last American Hero.

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