Albums / The Flickering Ultraviolet EP by Acetantina (Digital)

The Flickering Ultraviolet EP by Acetantina (Digital)

Album Description

Crunchy sounds to sleep, study, or die to.

Released on Acetantina's Bandcamp. Info: releases June 5, 2020


I usually set all of my work on here to name your own price, but in order to use this pre-order function, Bandcamp requires me to set a minimum price. If you don't want to pay for it, just wait for the official release date (June 5th) and I will set this EP back to the name your own price option!

You can still download 'A Song Called Limbo' for free, by downloading it by itself.

Otherwise if you would like to support what I do, even with just a little bit of money, that would be greatly appreciated and you'll get the EP sent to you in a fast and convenient manner when it releases. Thank you


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