Albums / The Greenhouse Shadows – Zoro & reas (Digital)

The Greenhouse Shadows – Zoro & reas (Digital)

Album Description

We are delighted to present “The Greenhouse Shadows”, brought to you by self-described soundscape enthusiast reas and vaporwave multitalent Zoro, who have teamed up to create four unique tracks of soothing naturedrone for you to delve into.

Subtle field recordings set the stage for those ethereal excursions to deserted locales, where even the last remnant of its vanished populace is overgrown by layer upon layer of thick greenery. You may roam these empty places freely, soar above the waters towards the blinding light of a warm sun and then you shall find a little cool and quiet in the greenhouse shadows.


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Released on Liminal Garden's Bandcamp. Info: released July 16, 2021

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