Albums / The Heavy Compilation (HT041) by Various Artists (Digital)

The Heavy Compilation (HT041) by Various Artists (Digital)

Album Description

This began as a project to rally together a group of musicians who were in lockdown due to COVID 19. The theme was chosen based on how "heavy" life feels under quarantine. I put a call out asking people to consider the concept of heavy and render it in music.

Two months after the initial call out the state of current affairs aren't any less heavy. Everything is much worse. Currently the streets alive with people protesting the murder of black folks by the police. We all need to do our part to help out this movement. To make our communities safe for everyone, especially POC.

I ask you to listen to this comp, even download it for free and then give your mo... [Read more]

Released on Histamine Tapes's Bandcamp. Info: releases June 20, 2020

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