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Who? by Grinphox (Digital)

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muscles are gross. too bad i look like a hulking fatty muscled out shaved head chad jaw fuck.
being identified as male is hard knowing that you feel distanced from both male and female anything.

gender arguments are stupid. let's stop arguing about identity politics and accept that we are our own people and we literally don't need to listen to anybody.

every person is a literal god. we can do amazing things with our brains alone. even though i am severely mentally ill i can still learn to do things.

even if there isn't an afterlife i am not afraid of dying by the hands of a pig if i made my stand doing the right thing.

am I ugly in... [Read more]

Released on THE MINNESAL MENAGERIE's Bandcamp. Info: released March 31, 2020

FORM 2020 03 31 A

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