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Yet Another Week In The Void by dogdays (Digital)

released December 10, 2019

Yet Another Week In The Void by dogdays (Digital) 1
Yet Another Week In The Void by dogdays

Album Description

"An astronaut whose rope has been cut, who's floating through space, forever, deprived of any sense of time. Where's up, where's down… Sometimes he is convinced that his body is just an illusion. When will he stop asking where his journey will take him? There is no destination, no direction, no climax, no grande finale and no catharsis. Only coldness, slowly creeping up his spine. He can't remember how it feels to exist, he doesn't remember how to feel in the first place. A body with no soul in a room with infinitely long white walls. The astronaut's mind became blank and shattered. His eyes rolled back, his eardrums were ripped apart. Only a deep static noise, frequencies, echoes of something long gone, as he's moving towards nothing; ad infinitum.


This piece is best to be listened to in utter darkness and silence. It may start out rather optimistic but we quickly realize, positive becomes negative after discovering that we, for the rest of our lives, are mere prisoners of our own knowledge."




twitter: @dgdys_

instagram: @___dogdays

Released on Hanging Garden’s Bandcamp

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