Albums / 3 Day Rental by Origami Vato (Digital)

3 Day Rental by Origami Vato (Digital)

Album Description

With thousands of current releases, classic favorites and video game options, Blockbuster has coined the phrase "Make it a Blockbuster night."

Be sure to return the rental before its requested due date or beware of possible late fees.

Each time a home entertainment video is rented, present your Blockbuster card and a photo ID.

If you rent more than three movies a month, joining the Blockbuster Membership program is a cost-effective method for entertainment.

Forget your card? Although some Blockbusters are franchises, most stores can look up your account by your phone number.

Released on B O G U S // COLLECTIVE's Bandcamp. Info: released July 31, 2020

Produced by: Origami Vato

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