Albums / Aether Connect by L a z u l i _ y e l l o w (Digital)

Aether Connect by L a z u l i _ y e l l o w (Digital)

Album Description

First full-length vaporwave album.
Some friends jumped on a few songs.

Twas a lot of fun. Much much more to come.

D i v e . i n .

A lone shapeshifter who enjoys the comfort of isolation within the lost underwater world on the "Home Planet" in the Forest Kids Universe. While the other characters are off on adventures, soul searching, and seeking answers on how they got there and what is their purpose.. L a z u l i is an immortal and has always existed within the Forest Kids Universe. For some reason.. they are enthralled and captivated by the old society that is at the bottom of the ocean. Shapeshifting into a dolphin and swimming through old sh... [Read more]

Released on Forest Kids Collective's Bandcamp. Info: released May 21, 2020


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