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beginnings by Robin (Digital)

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robintronics, vol. 3

original description:
nine robintronics loops recorded using my new setup. gone is the old boss pedal, used previously for fuzz and volume. the new setup is both entirely in the box and yet entirely outside the box. i've acquired a behringer foot controller used for controlling the volume and wah pedals in my software, as well as for engaging the ever signature "beeps" quite common in later frippertronics. the volume and wah pedals follow a fuzz box being fed by my more recently acquired les paul. all of this feeds into a looping setup that is then output directly to tape running at 9.5cm/s, on the yamaha 4 track cassette recor... [Read more]

Released on Asura Revolver's Bandcamp. Info: released April 26, 2020

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