Albums / CLEAR SKIES 第1巻 by Life Network (Digital)

CLEAR SKIES 第1巻 by Life Network (Digital)

Album Description


Life Network - CLEAR SKIES 第1巻

Runtime: 36:44

Your attitude changes with the weather. At least that's what we gather from listening to Life Network's debut album CLEAR SKIES 第1巻. For a project focused on the weather, it rather atypically forgoes any atmospheric sampling. Instead, the songs on this album attempt to get to the core feeling of each of the seasons and conditions it portrays.

From the rapid changes in tempo on Warm Front to the brevity and comfort of Spring, Life Network manages to capture the emotional swing that we experience year round with a fantastically fundamental vaporwave toolset. So often do entry level players i... [Read more]

Released on Vivarium Recordings's Bandcamp. Info: released April 7, 2020

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