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Album Description

「ASH OF ROUGE」の世界観を引き継ぐ、兄妹のもうひとつの物語。

This is the 4th album "EPHEMERA" by ELFENSJóN, Creative project by Keisuke Kurose (composer) and Kachiru Ishizue (illustrator). It is another story of the brother and sister that takes over the world of "ASH OF ROUGE".

Released on ELFENSJóN's Bandcamp. Info: released December 24, 2021

ELFENSJóN(エルフェンシオン) Album『EPHEMERA』

Music. 黒瀬圭亮
Illustration. 石据カチル

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[Produce and directions]
Compose & Arrangement / Other all instrument / Lyrics 黒瀬 圭亮

Illustration / Artwork / Lyrics 石据 カチル

[Guest ]
Vocal YURiCa / 花たん
Vocal 藤田 和哉
Guitar みゅー(From Imy)
Guitar ケンシロー(From WHITEFISTS)
Bass kakeyan
Strings Arrangement Masahiro "Godspeed" Aoki
Key 岸田 勇気
Key 瀬戸 一王
Violin 伊藤 友馬
Mix 藤浪 潤一郎
Special thanks ORYO(From FAULHEIT)
Mastering 瀧口 “Tucky” 博達(Tucky’s Mastering Inc.)

Copyright ELFENSJóN, All Rights Reserved.

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