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Four to the Floor 17 by Various Artists (Digital)

Album Description

The first "Four To The Floor" of the new decade is on the horizon. FTTF Edition 17 starts with the track "Rotweinfleck" by Diynamic founder Solomun and it's a dramatic dancefloor play. Excited percussions lead the way; then suddenly, the main piano theme strikes a chord, shy at first, but in an ever-growing crescendo, until it culminates and unloads its weight like thunder. Next up is "You Must Understand", a dark and dizzy grave wave influenced track by Atlanta-native Sejva that sounds like a sinister medieval ritual with monks chanting their hypnotic mantra to brand it into your mind. Track no. 3 titled "exe.cute" by Marc DePulse is a futuristic ... [Read more]

Released on Diynamic Music's Bandcamp. Info: releases February 21, 2020

2020, Diynamic Music

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