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TRAP by Kid Mania (Digital)

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Kid Mania - TRAP

Runtime: 53:09

With the horrific events and scenarios that have taken place over the past year, Kid Mania has found a wealth of inspiration, looking to the past to see how it represents our future. And boy is it a distorted future. TRAP is an album for forced homebodies, those that have been relegated to quarantine or laid off from their jobs. Although it wouldn't be entirely fair to say that this album is a direct commentary on the COVID-19 fiasco. Glimmers of our present shift in and out as Kid Mania travels a diseased world with The Vapor Kid and Nicky 9. And it's every bit as demented as it is shockingly fun.

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Released on Vivarium Recordings's Bandcamp. Info: released June 25, 2020

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