genre: sample-based

Plastic Reverie by MindSpring Memories (Digital) 12

Plastic Reverie by MindSpring Memories (Digital)

MindSpring Memories Usually I don’t like to post about singles as there’s usually an EP that follows. But damn is the album art on this my cup of tea. It’s this perfect mix of bubble gum, 90s and glitch. I could see this album art on a plastic holo foil tote bag – all shiny and tacky. Maybe I like this design too much but for you vaporwave fans; This is a cool track. It takes a mallsoft like soundtrack, throws some wobbles, and a background sax that follows the melody. The drums are just shoegaze enough that it’s calming. Those 5 minutes went by quick. Time for another listen. released April 10, 2019

Art by Incarta 95.