S01E15: History and Future of Lund (ℒund) Where Did This Hip-Hop Artist Disappear To?

Listen / Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play In this episode we’ll be checking out ℒund best known for his soundcloud dreamy hip-hop with sad boys raps. In 2016 and 2017 he was up and coming in the scene and in 2018 dropped off. We’ll be checking out his history, what happened and the possible future. I was […]

S01E13: Beatniks, Poetry and Vagabonding (Dharma Bums Changed My Life)

In this episode we’re going to look at the Beatniks, Beat Generation, poetry, jazz, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and all things beat.  Mid way through 2018 I was fortunate enough to pick up my now favorite book, Dharma Bums. It introduced me to meditation, poetry, vagabonding and a lifestyle I’m not too far removed from […]

S01E10: Lost Dog Street Band Are The Last American Troubadours. Folk Music is Back!

In this epsiode we’ll check out Lost Dogs and the last American troubadours. Lost Dogs Street Band form in 2010 after husban and wife, Benjamin Tod (guitarist/vocalist) and Ashley Mae (fiddle player) left the ground Barefoot Surrender. When I say this they are some of the last troubadours, they really live the life of thse […]

S01E09: Origins of Lo-fi Hip-Hop, Who started it? Why Anime? and How you can make it too.

Subscribe on iTunes and Google Play In this episode we’ll be explore the origins of lo-fi hip-hop and it’s boom of chill study music. This episode is going to be a little different. Like what has become of Jazz, Lo-fi Hip-hop to the untrained ear kind of all fits in a nice little package. It’s […]

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